Hello.  My name is Sara Bowen and I am an artist working mainly on paper and slate, using printmaking techniques, engraving and bookbinding to create small editions of fine art prints, artists’ books and other work.

I moved from the UK to Australia in 2006 and I now live with my family at the northern end of the New South Wales coast, near Coffs Harbour.  We built a house and a studio, and live completely off the grid with a giant worm farm for our sewerage needs, solar panels mounted on trackers with a backup diesel generator for power, and big tanks to collect rainwater.  We have a large vegetable garden, an orchard and currently house 17 chickens in the new chook shed that my husband and I recently built!

In addition to my career as an artist, I also have a career in education and am currently Course Coordinator for TAFE NSW Higher Education’s Graduate Diploma of Leadership as well as Higher Education Coordinator for North Coast TAFE.  I am passionate about education, leadership and business as well as art, and I have sat on various not-for-profit Boards over the last dozen or so years including my current position on the Board of Coffs Harbour Regional Conservatorium of Music.  You can find me on LinkedIn and Twitter @saracbowen.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. hello Sarah,

    Angie (Butler) remembers talking to you at Impact in Scotland and tells me you have been on a residency at The Scuola in Venice: naturally I tracked your site down, visited it and wanted to say how rich & interesting it is; specially like the way you include others’ work as well as your own. Your Palimpsest for al Mutanabbi Street Project is wonderful

    Anyways, I seem to think we met a few years ago, at UWE, praps at Impact (?) and chatted about living in Coffs (details of our conversation a bit blurry as I was going through a very difficult phase of ME)

    I am off to The Scuola in March 2014 for 3 weeks and am looking forward to it enormously – the details you share of your residency are informative and very generous – anything else that would be pertinent to my stay would be very welcome – I am not a great traveller and like being in a place with a purpose – so, do get in touch if and when you have time/the inclination

    with kindest regards from Lilla
    (ps hoping this reaches you ok!)

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