What’s new?

If you’ve just dropped by, thank you!  And sorry, too, because not a lot’s happened on the blog or in my studio this year since I started an MBA program in February!  The most artistic thing I’ll have done in ages happens this weekend, when I deliver a paper at the ABBE artists’ book conference at Griffith University in Brisbane, Queensland.  I’m really looking forward to the conference, not least because I’ll get to see a bunch of BookArtObject friends for the first times in ages.

You can check out the conference program here – maybe I’ll see you there?

Meantime, don’t lose all hope about this blog OR BookArtObject!  Both will be back, soon… the year is racing by, my MBA finishes just before Christmas, and suddenly I’ll have 25 hours a week of my life back again to make more art!  See you then, if not before.

I’ll leave you with a photo of the wattle that’s just started blooming next to our house: there are so many bees stuffing themselves on the pollen and nectar that you can hear the tree humming from metres away!  Not a bad metaphor for how busy I am at the moment, actually 🙂



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