The magnolia I planted a couple of years ago as a 3″ tall tubestock baby is now taller than me, and currently wafting its scent on the warm air in our garden, advertising flowers and nectar. The waxy blooms are so beautiful and so transient: just a day or two of perfumed magnificence, adored by hoverflies and bees, before a gradual disintegration.

WP_20140222_004 (1280x743)

And here’s another visitor: I was greeted by him when I got home late on Wednesday night, dazzled by my headlights as I drove under the car port. He was fully as long as my forearm, stretched out on the wall, a beautiful green.

WP_20140218_002 (692x1226)


One thought on “Magnificent

  1. Sara! Hi! Somehow I missed out on the fact that your blog moved. (No wonder I hadn’t seen anything from you posted in a while.) The new blog format is gorgeous. Very understated.

    So you are getting ready to have Easter in the fall. I must say that is hard for me to wrap my brain around as well! I am getting ready to retire from teaching, so most of the time keepers of my year that are marked by school events, will be gone. I’ll be lost.


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