The week ahead

WP_20140127_004 (1280x721)

Six meetings (so far), one work trip to Kempsey on Thursday, one information session about the Al Mutanabbi Starts Here reading event on March 8th, daughter’s first day at High/Secondary School and a dinner meeting at the Regional Gallery on Friday.  And then I have another long weekend because it’s my birthday!

The image is a work in progress (aren’t they all at the moment): a monoprint on handmade paper that was couched onto a 3 meter length of stringy barn which peeled off a local tree a year or two back.  I remember my bemused daughter asking why I’d swerved to a halt on the dirt track and was loading loops of bark into the back of the 4WD… this is the result, I told her later.  The tannins from the bark and a stain I made from soil on our block coloured the paper where it touched the bark.  For the last three years it has been languishing, draped over my big easel while I figured out what to do with it.  Apparently I’ve come to a conclusion.

4 thoughts on “The week ahead

  1. Wow!!! Is my reaction too. This is really beautiful – love it.

    I lost you on the internet Sara when you moved to WordPress. It took a while but I’ve found you again 🙂

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