Fruits of our labours

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First the seeds collected over the weekend, for potting up tomorrow night…  Clockwise from the left hand side: various cane begonias, different sorts of native figs, rose satinwood and a sub-tropical spiky thing that grows in the local rainforests, strelitzia regina (with the orange fluff) and something that looked like a giant arum lily.

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And a different sort of fruit entirely!  Remember when I did those wine labels for my friend Anna?  Not only are Anna and her family our friends, they also designed our house…  Actually, looking back over older posts I realise I may not have told you what I was doing even though I used some of the imagery in this post.  Well, what happened was that Anna had a design job and asked me to provide original art work, which I did.  Her client was Aldi and the job was to design wine labels for their “SecondLeft” label, comprising a Sauvignon Blanc and a Cabernet Merlot, sourced from a very good vineyard in the Adelaide Hills whose name shall remain top secret (even I don’t know who it is!).  The name of the wine, SecondLeft, apparently comes from the directions given to the Aldi wine buyer on the phone when s/he was tracking down the vineyard.

I looked through a variety of existing prints, sketches and drawings I did when I flew over the Adelaide Hills a few years ago.  I combined them with papers stained by ochres I collected there, early-Victorian South Australian postage stamps from my husband’s boyhood stamp album, parrot feathers from the trip, new sketches based on my old photos and pages torn from a 1950s atlas of the area.   Anna was the genius who combined the ingredients into the finished labels, since I know nothing about preparing images for printing, and she also used a dip-pen letter I wrote based on a hypothetical cellar door tasting session to create a lovely carton for the wine.  As you can tell, I am stupidly proud of myself, and quite looking forward to tasting the wine!  Apparently, the cab merlot can be laid down for a few years… we’ve bought a case of each from Aldi’s on-line liquor store and I’m keeping the cartons 🙂

One thought on “Fruits of our labours

  1. Just love the story of the wine labels Sara – the artwork is gorgeous, the handwritten tastings a great idea and it all comes together brilliantly!

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