Remembering last year and the year before and the many years before that when I have made resolutions I decided this year NOT to do so. And I’m not doing another life audit, either. After all, I really know what I need to do in most areas of my life to make things better and the fact that the clock ticked round isn’t the stimulus I need to make me do them – I found that out. But I did realise that I’ve spent a fair amount of time recently focusing on not-so-good things instead of really good things, and perhaps it’s about time I stop. After all, stress and negativity make you ill, don’t they? At least, that’s what we’re told.

Instead I’m giving myself a bit of mindfulness practice and permission to sit down and read books and work in the studio. Not so much ‘resolutions’ as ‘doing what I should do’. And one of the things I really should do is lift up my head and soak myself in the beauty of where I live.

WP_20140102_017 (1280x721)

I can’t recall how old I was but I recollect trying to make up my mind as a child where would be the perfect place to live, and I couldn’t decide between the mountains and the sea. Lucky I live on the side of the Great Dividing Range, in the one place where it comes down to the sea.  I’ve spent the last couple of years looking out over the foothills to the distant sea; now I’ve decided to start drawing it.

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