Who? What?

For some obscure reason darling daughter is a Whovian*. A what now?  Well, it could have been so much worse…

You may remember that last year we redecorated her bedroom and turned one wall into a legendary chalk board.  It’s had everything on it from superstar signatures to a requiem for our dead pet dog and LOTS of smiley face variations, but now it’s been taken over by the Daleks.  I don’t like the way it’s pointing its beam-thingy in the direction of the door by which I enter.  “We will exterminate…”

Daleks_01 (1280x721)

* A fan of the popular sci-fi show Doctor Who. Whovians are the epitome of awesome, with good grammar and better knowledge. This knowledge stems from their interest in space and time, and the information gained from many viewings of the show.
Without Whovians, your life would be very dull indeed. They secretly run the world’s major services, and insert Doctor Who references into every piece of popular culture available. 
Definition courtesy of the Urban Dictionary, and they should know.


One thought on “Who? What?

  1. I’m married to a Whovian and he (unsurprisingly) thoroughly approves of her predilections!

    Not quite sure why she wants a Dalek on her bedroom wall though!! A bit creepy!

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