On the beach

Funny how you make your own traditions when you have a family: ours seems to be that we go for a walk on the beach on Christmas morning, and it’s a fine tradition even though this year it was tinged with a little sadness that Toby wasn’t with us. For once it wasn’t burning hot (as a pale-skinned northerner I have to slather on factor duffle-coast sunscreen and wear long sleeves and a hat if it’s really hot and sunny), which meant a comfortable stroll along Sawtell Beach, watching other people making sand castles, body boarding and playing Frisbee. We saw lots of colour hiding out on the sand – could become a bit of a theme for me – and made a colour wheel and then a spiral with the bits and bobs we collected.

WP_20131225_027 (1280x785)

WP_20131225_017 (1280x957)

WP_20131225_009 (1280x661)

Wherever you are and however you celebrate (or don’t) the turning of the year, I hope you were able to take a few days out and relax for a while.

p.s. regular visitors to my irregular blog will probably have spotted the odd change or two in format! If you’re wondering where to post a comment – and I’d love your feedback – all you have to do is click on the small, carefully disguised “+” sign on the lower right hand side at the bottom of the post. I am working on some different colours to make things more obvious but clearly haven’t quite got the hang of it yet 🙂

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