Where have I been?

I’ve been doing lots of things lately, but you may have noticed that they haven’t included blogging. I’ve been asking myself the question, “Why not?” and have come up with a few different answers including being tired, spending most of my time since I got back from Europe at work and… they’re all excuses. The truth of the matter is that I haven’t known where to start (plus I’ve needed to think through a few things), but I guess all I need to do is to follow my usual methodology, which is to put my stick in the ground and start from where I am now. So here’s a brief photo diary of the last few weeks, and in a little while I’ll start posting about what I got up to while I was away.


Lester, one of my line managers at TAFE, took this while we were sneaking out to the ABC Building’s café to find a decent coffee during a day-long meeting in Sydney on 17th October. The date is significant because of the fires: at 06:30 we flew over the Blue Mountains from Coffs to Sydney and saw nothing but clear blue skies and sunshine.



That same evening we flew back in an orange cloud of ash and smoke. It was a very bumpy ride for us in the air, and much, much worse for everyone on the ground…



More recently I went to see an exhibition at the Regional Gallery in Coffs Harbour of work by local artist Nigel Killalea. Interestingly, or ironically depending on your point of view, many of his paintings concerned burnt or burning landscapes with bonfires and camping accidents depicted. I don’t know that either of these landscapes drew directly from bush fires as I know Nigel often paints en plein air, but their atmosphere reminded me of the smoke. I loved Nigel’s exhibition and only wished I had enough money to buy a painting! Like many (most) artists, Nigel probably isn’t rolling in money, but it was encouraging to see a lot of red “Sold” dots on the works at the end of the show.


Meanwhile, almost a month on from the Blue Mountains bush fires, Coffs Harbour is wreathed in smoke most days from fires still raging up in the mountains behind us. Guyra, Ebor, the national parks… they all seem to be on fire. Today the smoke is so bad my eyes are stinging.

ON #A (1024x576)


Sad though it is to see a dead bird – and this one presumably flew into our windows – I had to photograph her, as she is so beautiful. Such soft feathers, and what look like amazing eyelashes!



But the final word has to go to the maddest of our chickens who, it appears, likes sitting in an old paint can, clucking to herself. Chicken in a bucket, anyone?

One thought on “Where have I been?

  1. Hi Sara, Lovely to see you back . I know exactly what you mean about not knowing where to start. Chronology is over-rated in most instances, I think.
    Your chicken obviously doesn’t realize the dangers associated with “buckets” for her, does she? Like my cat who loves sinks and the bath.

    Just read about Toby. Very sad news. I’m sorry for your loss.

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