It’s coming, it’s coming!

I got a call from Shane yesterday to say he’d finished editing the video footage he shot of me in the studio last weekend and that I could collect it today from Jo… so I did, and after a few hours’ work my Pozible project has been submitted for review by the Pozible team.

Now that I’ve watched the video a few times I find it slightly less confronting!  Jo and Shane did warn me that I’d hate watching myself, and I do. The first thing I thought when I saw it was, “Why did I wear that T shirt?”, closely followed by, “My arms look fat”, “god, my teeth are bad” and, “I sound like a Cockney” (which may just be because my ‘ear’ for an English accent has been confused by almost 7 years of living in Australia!). But there you are. Short of plastic surgery, I am how I am and probably look and sound exactly as people I know and love expect me to look and sound, since they’ve been acquainted with my peculiarities for some time now. So let’s pass over the futile agonizing about what I look and sound like, and the subsequent agonizing about whether I’ve got the campaign details right, and just look forward to getting the nod from Pozible and sending the project out into the ether for support. Fingers crossed.

Ibuprofen is a wonderful thing...

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