Bag moths

Ever heard of one? Neither had I until quite recently! I’ve found a few now, dotted around the garden, usually feeding on something I would quite like to preserve, but they’ve all been smaller than this 12cm long specimen I found the other day munching happily on an ornamental Phormium.  I picked it off the plant, showed it to the family and then tried feeding it to the chooks but after one quick peck they weren’t interested.  I guess it’s nice to have your food pre-packed for you, but where’s the opening?

bag_moth_1 (968x1280)

bag_moth_2 (1280x868)

bag_moth_3 (1113x1280)

bag_moth_4 (1280x923)

Feeling intrigued I did some research and suspect that I have a Saunder’s Case Moth or Metura Elongata, which can take two years to pupate. Well, I was interested, even if you weren’t. It’s rather nice being an outsider and spotting weird and wonderful things around me.

One thought on “Bag moths

  1. I agree – about the outsider’s observations. I was also very intrigued by those anemone- shaped sticky red fungi you remarked on in one of your blogs when they first appeared in my garden here in Sawtell. But I didn’t attempt to google for an introduction so I still don’t know their name…

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