Yes, I can still spell… The word is “Pozible”, not “possible”, although clearly the two are related. So what is Pozible?

In short, it’s a thoroughly modern way of asking people to support a project by donating money: as the project coordinator you find an on-line “crowd funding” platform you’re comfortable with (such as Kickstarter in the US and UK, Pozible in Australia, and IndieGoGo) and you set up a project page through which you explain the project, set a target and offer rewards to donors. And yes, I’m hoping to set up a Pozible project in the near future, to help me grasp the opportunity of an artist’s residency in Venice that I mentioned on here previously. Although I can get to Scotland for the Impact 8 conference using our airmiles etc., our personal circumstances took another recent hit meaning that funding the residency ourselves will be almost impozible!  And yet… it seems such a pity not to be able to take up the opportunity of working at the Scuola Internazionale di Grafica when I will already be in Europe so the most expensive bit – getting half way around the world – is already done!

At the moment I’m sorting out a less-than-3-minute video of me explaining the project, with the help of some very good friends, and working through how to structure the rewards for donors, so it will be a week or two before the doors open on my Pozible project.

If you’ve never come across crowd funding before, take a look!  I’ve supported people myself in the past and it’s a great way to help out someone whose work you feel is worth supporting.  You can choose how much money you want to invest and what you would like to receive as a thank you, and the risks are few: each project sets a goal and the money is only debited from a donor’s account if the goal is reached.  It is an “all or nothing” model, which means that you’re not throwing your money away by giving it towards a project which has no hope of getting off the ground!  Instead, you’re likely to make a real difference – and get something back in return.



3 thoughts on “Pozibilities

  1. good luck – you deserve it sara — I think you should put this info up on the BAO site (when you’re ready to launch) given all the work you’ve already done for everyone AND that you will be representing the mob at Impact 8….

  2. Hope you make it to Venice Sara and I agree with Ronnie about the BAO aspect. I think we should be contributing something as a group towards your costs of presenting at the conference, not to mention the cost of shipping all these books to Sarah.
    Good luck! How exciting!

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