Which is, I think, the sound I just made whilst subsiding into a comfy chair and breathing out for a change. Ooooffff. There, you see, I did it again!

I’ve spent the past few months RUSHING everywhere: rushing to teach my own classes in December, rushing through Christmas because I only had a couple of days off before I started teaching again at Sturt Summer School, rushing from Sturt back into TAFE to spend 6 weeks full-time covering for a colleague in a job with which I was wholly unfamiliar, rushing back into TAFE teaching with two new classes to write, rushing to get work ready for the Libris Artists’ Book Awards at Mackay, rushign to apply for residencies in Europe, rushing to put in a job application… rush, rush, rush. My “covering” job is over now and the nice salary has stopped. I’m in an in-between space now: I got the residency, I’m giving a talk at Impact 8 AND I’ve got an exhibition at Impact 8, I’m gathering myself together to work how to do any of these things but it’s too early for definitive action yet, and I haven’t heard a word about my job application. So I have a tiny bit of peace and space for a while, and I’m making the most of it.


My rollers also seem to be in an in-between spot: they’re half way between being rollers and being runny lumps of muck on my shelves… It’s a bit of a shame really as they’re damned expensive things to replace. Luckily the brass handles are intact, so my big problem is how to clean off all the gunk! If you have any bright ideas, let me know. I’m thankful that my big green hideously expensive roller has survived the heat and humidity where the others succumbed, so I have one decent roller with which to continue making prints. Phew.

What else have I been doing? Well after I’d picked myself up off the floor (ROFLMAO if ever I was), I clicked HERE and told the NSW State Government exactly what I thought of its arts policy, and I advise you to do the same. I could go ON AND ON AND ON about the idiocy of last year’s funding cuts, the impact it has in regional/remote/rural areas and how it is directly impacting on students and livelihoods in Coffs Harbour – but I won’t, because I’ve done it before and it’s boring. Instead, I urge you to participate in the consultation process and make your voice heard before the Government concludes that no-one’s interested and they can do what they damned well want. They’ll probably do that anyway, but at least I have the satisfaction of knowing I told them exactly what I thought.

What else is new? Well we’re going to have an unusually sociable weekend, that’s what. We got an email earlier this week from Kate and David, friends in the UK, to say that David’s 87 year old father decided to take a self-initiated tour up the East coast of Australia and could he come and stay with us? Of course, we said, and after a phone call this afternoon we’ve tidied up so that Tom can come and stay with us this weekend. Fabulous! Darling daughter and I both said we hope to be that adventurous in our more advanced years. Since Tom will be spending several hours driving up the highway from Sydney I should have plenty of time to go and attack the garden, or at least to pretty-up the worst bits up the driveway and around the house so that it isn’t too embarrassing when our guest arrives. I have barely touched the garden in the last few months owing to the weather and pressures of work, and it shows… of course when the summer rains come not only does the ground go soggy but the weeds also grow MILES high each week. I doubt if I could even locate the citrus trees in the orchard because the grass is so high! So “gardening” tomorrow may mean bringing out the heavy duty tools and brush-cutting my way through to the outside world. Wish me luck.

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