A Burning Question

Guess what? I have been working on one of the BookArtObject Edition Four titles that I bagged last year. The book isn’t finished yet, but the concept is there…

A_Burning_Question 5 (815x1024)

A_Burning_Question 6 (818x1024)

A_Burning_Question 7 (1024x768)

A_Burning_Question 8 (1024x811)

A_Burning_Question 10 (1024x676)

The book is a collagraph printed on Somerset 300gsm Satin paper in off-white, folded into an accordion format with wrap covers, end papers, a tab mechanism, pop-ups and a lit match, boxed.

4 thoughts on “A Burning Question

  1. the paper surface looks especially interesting… I look forward to the full reveal

    hope you got one finished for the libris —- I actually managed to get an entry form in this time around (or at least I THINK I have — my entry form is in the post….) – I’ve missed the deadline every damn year…..

  2. Hi Sara. I really like this book. The page surface looks wonderful – full of burnt debris and your cutout pop-up silhouettes are great. I too am looking forward to seeing more.
    I had a pop-up feature in my al-Mutanabbi book, but I wasn’t happy with it and abandoned it eventually – the books are finished and will be sent off next week.

  3. Lucky people in that group! It looks amazing. I love the idea of combining collagraphs with pop-ups… The silhouettes with all that texture look great! I do look forward to seeing this when you post pics of the final book.

    And I can’t tell you what a relief it is that you are still on the prototype stage too. Now bracing myself to enter the production stage…

  4. It looks incredible Sara – very time consuming and detailed, but it would be amazing to see it…

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