Oswald is here

oswald_2 (800x600)

oswald_3 (800x600)

oswald_5 (600x800)

oswald_6 (600x800)

oswald_8 (600x800)

He’s taken residence above our house and is expected to stay until tomorrow, at least. Our weather station has recorded almost 40cm of rain (yes folks, over 400mm or 15 3/4 inches!) since Oswald announced he was visiting on Friday. It’s pouring down the hill, cascading through the culverts cunningly placed under our driveway at several points, and is scouring down through our tropical gully and filling the dam at the bottom of our block.

Sadly, our little guinea pigs didn’t see the rain. Squeaky, Bubbles and Charlotte succumbed to what we assume is a virus this weekend and have all died within 48 hours of each other. Darling daughter was upset, but we had that long talk about death and dying that parents around the world probably have with their children about their pets. Anyway, burial will take place once we’ve identified a place on the block that won’t be subject to washing away in the next few days AND that we can all get to without breaking our necks.

2 thoughts on “Oswald is here

  1. oooo poor squeaky, bubbles and charlotte – cuddles to you all…. and I’ve been wondering how you’ve been faring with oswald – just a tad damp is it? goodness! at long last the moisture has made its way to us all the way down here – we had a bit of rain on friday night, then overcast until later last night when the gentle constant rain began — and just like goldiocks our rainfall is JUST right xxxx

  2. Yes the remnants of Oswald are fun, wot? Sunshine here now and the stench of sodden carpet. Sigh! Keep as dry as you can and good luck with flooding.

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