All systems are go


I got a call from Dale at Sturt this afternoon and was sure she was going to tell me I hadn’t got enough bookings to run my course Making Artists’ Books: a sculptural, 3D approach but, au contraire, it turns out I do, and I am!  Suddenly January looks as if it’s going to be quite busy…  I’ll be teaching at Sturt Summer School 2013 from 2nd to 7th January, taking a week off, and then starting a new job as “Higher Education Initiatives Coordinator” at TAFE – it’s what they call a ‘relieving’ role, which means (in addition to the fact that I’m relieved I have some work!) that I get to take over when the permanent incumbent is away, and in this case, she is going to be away for a few weeks in January/February.  There may also be the possibility of other work allied to that role, but the important thing is that I will still be working in TAFE NSW next year, which is great.

There’s even a faint chance I might be doing some teaching too: if our continuing Diploma students are willing to carry on studying despite the fact that the course fees went up by a multiplier of 10, then I’m down to teach a very exciting mixed-media course.  Exciting for me because I hate the term “mixed media”!  In my humble opinion its used too often as a catch-all term for a dog’s breakfast of work, and ends up looking like scrapbooking on acid.  Hmmm.  Anyway, I’ve been doing rather a lot of studying recently, what with writing conference papers about BookArtObject, and in the process I’ve been looking at mixed-media work by artists I love such as Jim Dine, Robert Rauschenburg, Anselm Kiefer and Christian Boltanski, not to mention Fiona Foley and Janet Lawrence’s collaborative piece Edge of the Trees which is one of my favourite Sydney pieces of public art.  Fingers crossed it comes off, because it could be fun!

I’m going to leave you with that, and encourage you to book on my Sturt course if you’re interested in artists’ books as there are still a few places left and I’d love to see you!  More details are available on the Sturt Summer School website.  Meanwhile, I’m off to veg out for a bit as it’s been a busy, busy week.  Parent meetings and school meetings, a two-day road trip for several TAFE meetings, writing a conference paper, making all the conference applications, setting up a stall at the school’s Twilight Markets this evening, and a job interview among other things.  I am well and truly tired.

One thought on “All systems are go

  1. Fantastic news Sara on the work “fronts”. Esp with TAFE as it seems that vis arts jobs with them are as rare as hens teeth now. I just hope you don’t end up with six jobs like last year!! xx

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