Work in Progress

The last three Bristol slates

I’ve been hard at work, in between navigating the shoals at TAFE and vet visits, trying to finish off a couple of projects: a commission for my engraved slates, and binding the al Mutanabbi Street books of a friend of mine.  In all cases, life hasn’t been as straight-forward as one might hope!

While working in the studio I listen mainly to books on tape as I rarely have time to sit down and read, but recently when I have managed to find the time to read it’s been on-line: emails, bills, catching up with your blogs and settling down to some really enjoyable on-line content.  I still haven’t been able to pick up an e-book: dearest husband swore by his Kindle (until he broke it!) and now enjoys reading on a little Tablet that neatly splits into two pieces, allowing him to use the (touch) screen separately as an e-book reader.  It makes perfect sense: whereas our house used to be littered with leaning piles of thick technical IT manuals, he now has subscriptions to various e-training organisations that provide the manuals as e-books.  I imagine the indexing and navigation facilities of the e-book reader alone make this worthwhile (ever tried to find the bit you need in 400 pages of Dependency Injection in .NET, anyone?) but the biggest plus point for e-books is currency: he’s not encumbered with a big lump of paper that is out of date almost as soon as its written.  I can also see the point of loading up an e-book reader with holiday reading: no-one would know I was reading John Grisham!

I guess I’m surprised how much I enjoy some on-line content: it does distract me from the opportunity of reading an actual book (mind you, since this is all wrapped up with a personal desire for a quiet sofa, solitude and either tea-and-chocolate or a nice cold gin-and-tonic you can see why I don’t achieve reading a physical book very often), but a lot of it is really good.

These days I dip into The Global Mail (Independent Journalism for Independent Minds) and Brain Pickings (which calls itself a human-powered discovery engine for interestingness), as well as The Guardian newspaper on-line (which is just about the best newspaper for actual news anywhere, and has a great on-line presence as well as a fantastic advertising campaign based on the Three Little Pigs – with a twist.  And I’d also like to mention The Last Word on Nothing (“Science says the first word on everything, and the last word on nothing”  – Victor Hugo) which made me laugh this morning.

Ah well, no time to read at the moment.  I have enjoyed a REALLY GOOD night’s sleep – rare, these days! – after watching darling daughter shine as the goddess Isis in her class play and enjoying a nice evening with her brother and his fiancée; today I plan to get stuck into the garden.  I think it’s going to be a nice weekend.

2 thoughts on “Work in Progress

  1. We love ebooks! For the first time ever we’re getting rid of the books on our bookshelves because going digital just makes more sense! Oh, and having to unpack the boxes every time we move is such a pain! Ebooks are cheaper, can be read on multiple devices (so if I need to check ingredients while I’m shopping I can read the recipe on my phone!) and you can take any number of books with you when travelling. What’s not to like?

    How’s Toby doing?

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