I’ve tried and I’ve tried…


… to get rid of the dog, but luckily it’s not working!  Actually, that isn’t very funny.  I came home on Thursday evening and was cruising up the driveway dreaming about the well-earned, ice-cold gin and tonic I was about to enjoy after a long hard day of meetings when…  Toby ran under the front wheels of my car.  To make matters worse, he got stuck there, and I had to carry on forward i.e. over him in order to get off him.

It was truly awful.  But before you send me hate mail, I have to say that a) it was a terrible accident, and b) Toby is – as of right now – alive and recovering, which is little short of miraculous when you consider that he has a tyre mark up his muzzle, a broken tail and at least one broken hip.  I ran inside on Thursday night and rang our vet, and I said to him that I thought he might have to put Toby down.  But when we got there the vet said he could put Toby down any day, any time, but that there was a chance he would survive as the break is clean, there is (astonishingly!) no internal bleeding or nerve damage, and Toby’s heart and lungs are good.

We have several types of medicine for him, including knock-out drops that take him through the night in relative comfort, and I am delighted to report that today Toby managed to pee on me three times, stand up on his own, and eat solid food.  I tell you, he may be a sissy 11-year old English Cocker Spaniel but he’s one tough little dog.

3 thoughts on “I’ve tried and I’ve tried…

  1. Guess Toby’s determined not to give in to all that Australia can throw at him (and you seem to have tried everything!). The vet must love you guys though – you’re keeping his business in profit, so of course he’s not going to recommend euthanasia.

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