…Me? That’s right, I used to blog here!  I’ve been away, not because I don’t love you all, but because the combination of six jobs and Blogger taking a dislike to my operating system (yes, Google, that’s you I’m talking about) made blogging a bit tricky.  Now I’ve dropped one job and upgraded my operating system, so not only does Google like me slightly more now, but I have the odd 5 minutes of free time.

What have I been doing?  I’ve taken advantage of the subtropical late winter and early spring to do lots of gardening in between jobs, and I’ve been working with Darling Daughter on cuttings, seeds, plants, hand-made cards and lino cuts for our stall at her school’s Spring Fair.

I’ve also been hatching plans for websites and mail-outs, teaching at TAFE, teaching at Primrose Park in Sydney, plotting a course at Sturt Summer School in January 2013 – more information coming soon! – and trying very hard to stay afloat.

For the last 12 years I’ve made my own employment opportunities, having left the full-time workforce when pregnancy caused everything to go horribly wrong.  I love being an artist and all the things I do associated with being an artist, and I’m not going to give them up, but there’s a chance that I may have a shot at more permanent employment that could dovetail nicely with other activities.  So perhaps professionally things are about to change?  Not immediately, perhaps, but over the next year.  It seems a good time – in the Spring, on the cusp of change – to take stock, so be warned!  I’m planning an assault on my on-line presence at some point, just as soon as I’ve finished in the garden….

5 thoughts on “Remember…

  1. Oh its lovely to see you online again Sara. What a tease you are! This all sounds very exciting! I'll be waiting with bated breath to hear what is happening. Take care! xx

  2. Love those snowflakes – very intricate. Is there a template for something like that – one day when I have a functioning arm, I might like to try my hand at it!

    The flowers are beautiful – I've given up on gardening in our successive temporary locations. I adore sempre vivum – one day when we have a garden of our own again I'll plant lots of succulents.

  3. yay! you didn't fall down a rabbit hole or run off with a bunyip! (both scenarios that I thought completely plausible….)

    look forward to hearing/seeing your grand plans

  4. Hey, friend. I haven't been blogging or reading many blogs lately either. I miss doing both.

    I always feel sad when you start talking about “late winter” because I know we're then heading into the cold over here. Boohiss!


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