Not the sock addict

Ever the masochist I decided to knit myself a pair of socks. Why? You may well ask, but it boils down to two reasons: firstly I’m buggered if I’m going to be defeated by a knitting pattern and second, because I thought it would be interesting.

I have now completed one sock and I am pleased to report that my Swiss friends (are all Swiss people avid sock knitters? I don’t know) tell me that I got the pattern right, AND it fits. And since both my feet are more or less the same size I entertain great hopes that the other one will too (if I ever get it finished).

If these were to be sold on the open market I think they could be the most expensive socks ever, this side of Himalayan hand-sheared baby-goat stomach-fleece with added spider gauze… I’m not the world’s fastest knitter and what with that fact, general blindness (if I have to look closely at the pattern I have to take my glasses off – it all adds time), and the requirement to consult more than one pattern for the tricky bits I think we’re talking 10 hours hard labour per sock. If we go with a general (un)skilled pay rate of $20 per hour we’re already talking $200 per sock plus materials. If any of you covet my socks I will be VERY HAPPY to part with them for the heavily discounted sum of $300 plus postage…

At the bottom of one of the patterns I consulted there was the highly optimistic sentence: “welcome to the new addiction of sock knitting“. I think not.

6 thoughts on “Not the sock addict

  1. I can imagine making one sock .. but the tedium (and risk) in trying to replicate it exactly puts me off. Well done on sock number one … but you know unless you only have the one foot, you need to get cracking on sock number two! Good luck!

  2. As someone who started a baby cardigan whilst pregnant with the first child, continued the same cardi while expecting the second one, and finally finished the bloody thing whist waiting for the third to arrive(and has never knitted anything again, although I occasionaly get out the needles to 'learn' – it cannot be that difficult!)I think your socks are wonderful

  3. Your sock is quite beautiful, but unfortunately beyond my means. I shall just have to satisfy myself with admiring your photos. I do sympathize with this whole “glasses on, glasses off” deal. My husband has to juggle the same challenge (tho' not a knitter) and frequently loses, sits on, or has to cope with smears on his glasses. Fortunately, I am both short and long sighted (or perhaps its neither) so my glasses never leave their perch upon my nose.
    Good luck with Number Two!

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