Christmas Diary

Finish up school, have several lie-ins, tidy up the house, buy the duck for Christmas dinner, feel justified breaking out the alcohol even though it isn’t yet the weekend.

Drive down to Newcastle (7 hours) to see number 1 brother-in-law (by age), his two daughters, his parents and – unexpectedly – his ex-wife. Spend a very pleasant afternoon, evening and morning with them, then drive home on Christmas Eve (5 hours).

Wake up fairly late on Christmas Day, eat a leisurely breakfast (ham on buttered toast for dearest carniverous husband and pancakes for darling daughter – just as carniverous really – and me), open presents, then take traditional Christmas Day walk on Korora Beach. Collect pandanus keys for planting later. Eat delicious roast duck and decide there’s no room in our tummies for Christmas pudding…

Spend lots of time in the garden, working off the tension as well as the calories. Relax on the verandah with books and a gin and tonic (until the gin runs out – must go shopping tomorrow), wander into the studio and wrap up Art & Lies books for posting, help darling daughter make lovely stuffed owl toy, listen to new CDs, talk to people on the phone…

Photograph native wildlife – such as this diamond python, dug out by the silly dog near the veggie garden – and realise why the mice haven’t been eating the sweetcorn. Enjoy life. Slightly dread the end of the public holidays and “real life” creeping back in…

4 thoughts on “Christmas Diary

  1. Are you going to post the owl on Rhubarbella? Would love to see what she made!

    Hope you've been shopping now and can refill your gin glass!!

  2. Sounds like a delightful couple of days. You didn't say the ex-wife part was bad, so I will assume it was okay. (I spent Christmas with my daughter and my ex-in-laws, which was totally fine.)

    I'm wondering if “lie-ins” are what we call “sleep overs.”

    Do you make Christmas pudding or buy it? Can you buy English Christmas pudding there?

  3. that python looks wonderful – wish s/he could make a visit to our place….. along with the duck (mind you I need it to be living) – I have more snails than I can handle and only a duck can solve the abundance

    and let me sneak in a little 'happy new year' just about here….. hope its a good one for all of us eh xx

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