Great news! The lovely Annette Eassie from Regional Arts New South Wales just emailed me (on a Sunday! They’re very dedicated at RANSW…) to say I am the lucky recipient of a Quicks grant to help me attend the Impact 7 international printmaking conference at Monash University, Melbourne, at the end of September. This is wooooonderful news because without the grant I didn’t have a cat’s chance in hell of getting there. I am thrilled. So now I can go off into the garden in a happy glow, and dream of metropolitan delights later in the year: the galleries! the Japanese shop! the city! the exhibitions! the shops! (nope, no money for shopping) Be still my beating heart…

6 thoughts on “Yeeeeee-ha!

  1. fantastic! (now you just have to cross your fingers for me – I'll put something together in the next while….) otherwise it will be you and amanda and duckie dealing with the BAO exhibition stuff! (I'm so snowed under with AGHHHH! right now – I don't know how I'll find time to even LOOK at the quickie paperwork!)

  2. That's fantastic! I can't believe how frigging expensive that conference is; if I had had any idea I wouldn't have put in a submission… I thought if I gave a paper there would be some, any, discount, but there's nothing! Oh well, the benefit is the amount of networking and socialising I'll cram into the week. And now I get to hang with you! Huzzar!

    (and greetings from Sturt, where it's the anniversary of BAO!)

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