OK, Blogger’s playing silly buggers and I can’t load any more photos onto this page… I’ve posted a question to the Help Forum and will see what happens! Meanwhile, here’s part of our camping trip last week with Class 6. I had SUCH fun! The kids were great, we managed to do some printmaking, drawing and music playing together and I loved it.

These photos are actually from the end of my road trip with Class 6 (since you need to load photos in reverse order into Blogger): starting from the top there’s a photo of the Artesian Baths in Lightning Ridge at 5:30am last Friday morning. We took the kids for a quick dip, a hot shower and back in the bus to drive up to Glen Innes. We stopped on the way at Mount Kaputah National Park to look at Sawn Rocks which, as you can see, are an outcrop of hexagonal basalt columns and abosolutely beautiful! Then a final night on the floor of Glen Innes Tennis Club before arriving back in Coffs Harbour feeling a bit tired.

2 thoughts on “Camping!

  1. wow those rocks are amazing! I'll have to ask my (very much into camping everywhere) parents if they have seen these also at some stage…. they've been EVERYWHERE man!

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