A day in the studio

I’m still flapping about trying to figure out what I want to do for my BookArtObject projects, as well as having intermittent panic attacks about my big exhibition later on in the year. As a result of sitting down with a piece of paper and writing a list in an attempt to get my head around both situations I realised that I NEEDED to spend some time just experimenting in the studio.

I’ve been thinking about materials for the BookArtObject text by Jeanette Winterson – just in the sense of what I need, what I currently have that is sufficient to make up 15 books, and how to make up the difference, and I realised that I don’t have enough book cloth for what I’m contemplating and that I therefore need to come up with another solution: paste paper. I’d never done it before but after raiding the internet for recipes and advice I made up some paste yesterday, and applied it to lots of paper today. I still have lots of thinking to do about the design elements I would like to incorporate, but meanwhile I had LOTS of fun making patterns! Although you probably can’t see it, there is an elegant mixture of greys and silver in the above photo.

Recently I posted a comment on Fiona Dempster’s blog Paper Ponderings about the lovely rusted paper she makes and uses in her work, and Fiona was kind enough to send me a recipe sheet by return email! So my other experiments today had me dipping sections of different papers into three trays of cold, strong tea, ferric sulphate and caustic soda to see what happens…

The answer is, of course, that I had lots more fun, and the paper isn’t bad, either.

5 thoughts on “A day in the studio

  1. Hi Sara – looks like a FUN day of play in the studio- yay! The elegance of the paste paper shines thru and there are some intriguing rusty bits on show as well – some of the effects are just so scrumptious! Hope you continue to enjoy, F

  2. That top photo is so beautifully silver & grey that I thought it was a black & white photo until I read down and then looked back up to see a hint of colour in one corner!

    Damn, I so have to get on with my Winterson piece. Have clammed up about it, after years of it haunting me…

  3. these are delightful snippets – look forward to seeing how they might be incorporated (I'm like you – often a project changes direction when I check my supplies – ooops haven't got enough purple and pink spotted book cloth for this – oh well time to make purple and pink spotted paste paper!)

    I must talk with fiona about rusted papers myself – they DO sound fascinating

  4. Rusting paper is a lot of fun and always interesting to see the results. Your paste papers are beautiful and the silver shows in the photo. Lovely!

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