Straightening out my head

Yes, it’s that time of year again. I need to have a look at the inside of my head and do a bit of housekeeping. Out with procrastination, in with a plan!

Meanwhile I’ve been driving myself silly, doing silly things. Like collecting this (to my mind) rather lovely old First Aid box after months of waiting. And then leaving it in the Post Office in town and only realising once I’d driven 10kms down the road.

Luckily a rather lovely friend was due to pick me up mid-afternoon to take me off to deliver a presentation on communication skills and, hearing my sad tale, insisted on driving me back to the Post Office. Amazingly someone had spotted my box where I’d left it under the counter and had handed it in! I am very grateful to that kind person, because I felt a bit sad about having lost my box. I’ve always loved boxes and this one is just intriguing… I plan to fill it full of artists’ books. Eventually.

5 thoughts on “Straightening out my head

  1. bring on the list!

    as I've mentioned (often!) I'm lost without my lists….I'm know to walk down a street and forget where I'm going to… I've got a mind like a sieve! and if I were distracted by a pretty box (mmmmmm I LOVE that first aid box) wellllll I'd be hopeless (there's every chance I'd forget my manners and KEEP the box for myself! …. now where was I going with this sentence?…..)


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