Alas poor Tiny!

…is not with us any more, I’m sad to say. I am of course referring to the mouseling. It was inevitable, and it’s been interesting seeing how darling daughter reacted. Much to her credit she insisted that the poor little critter be entombed in the fridge until the weekend, when we buried him under the Poinciana tree we planted outside my studio. Thankfully she didn’t insist on a full burial service and was tear-free, so Tiny is making his own unique contribution to our garden and we’ve had a very positive conversation about recycling!

4 thoughts on “Alas poor Tiny!

  1. Thanks Ronnie! I thought it was time for a change… the border photo is actually black sand on our local beach but I like it because it looks like ikat weaving. It taught me a lot more about resizing photos in Photoshop because I couldn't figure out for ages how to keep it BIG (in pixels) but small in size. Now I know! Sara x

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