Small, smaller, smallest

I don’t think of myself as being all that sentimental, but I am soppy (in my head at least there is a distinction!). Mice have wrecked havoc on our block for the last 12 months and I have no compunction about setting traps and putting down poison, and I have rejoiced at every critter thus despatched. However, I went down to my studio today and found this little squeak sitting in the middle of the path, clearly lost and lonely. I left it there while I worked but it was still there when I came out again so I scooped it up and took it to show dearest husband, who has had a chuckle at my expense!

I think there is probably something wrong: it is tiny so perhaps it is a baby and has lost its siblings or maybe it has eaten some of my poison… Either way I don’t think it will last long, but it will have a comfortable wait for destiny in a takeaway box on our kitchen bench, so that darling daughter can come home and be amazed. It could curl up quite comfortably on that 50c coin with plenty of room to spare. While I curse the little blighters for their nibbling, I also marvel at the exquisite functionality of something so small.

6 thoughts on “Small, smaller, smallest

  1. The Man tends to want to rescue every little thing that is being threatened by cats, dogs, bigger things…

    But, please, do not put down poison. If you knew how many other animals die from what we call secondary poisoning…

    At least this critter, if it is poisoned, will not be eaten by another.

  2. I'm sentimental and/or soppy, I can't get away from it and I love that you are looking after the little mouseling. What you'll do if it thrives I can't imagine. I've experienced a mouse plague and I sympathise with your battle with mice. Such a shame they are so cute and yet can be such monsters.

  3. ahhhh poor wee thing… IS strange how we have such sympathy for any critter when it's small or vulnerable – only to seek revenge (with trap, bullet, snare, poison…) when it's grown (and eating through our vege garden!)…..

    maybe a 'freezer dispatch' might be an idea?

  4. What a sweetie! If it survives I agree it will be hard to know what to do with it. I don't think I could manage even the “freezer dispatch”. But a mouse plague would be AWFUL. Good luck!

  5. Hope it is travelling OK Sara – much nicer than the rat Barry found staring at him when he checked our bananas! There is something so vulnerable about wee things/baby things isn't there?

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