A day in the garden

We have had SO MUCH rain. It seems indecent to complain when living in one of the dryest continents on earth – when I’ve seen the effects of 10 years of drought at my brother-in-law’s sheep station – when people who read this blog have been suffering for years without decent rainfall! But I have to say that the rain is getting a bit wearing… Our water tanks are beautifully full but the road is beginning to wash away again, and our plants are struggling from soggy soil, overly wet roots and a lack of nutrients (which are flowing out of the soil and gently down the hill).

Rain notwithstanding we have been trying to do the odd spot of gardening on the rare dry days. I’m saying this in the knowledge that this week the forecast is finally for sunshine and higher temperatures so doubtless we’ll get out of doors more often, but the last few weeks have been dire!

I’ve been meaning to tell you about all the wonderful bulbs I planted in our rock wall back in June and never got round to it. Now the poor things have flowered and I must say it was a little disappointing. The daffodils were lovely but the freesias are poor, stunted things (probably lack of sunshine!) and the ranunculus didn’t come up at all. The Michelia, however, and the port wine magnolias that I planted at the same time, looks as if it’s fine and I hope that next Spring we may have some flowers.

This weekend we managed a morning out in the garden. Dearest husband wielded the biggest crowbar I’ve ever seen and dug me some more good, deep holes for trees. I planted two Jacarandas and two Firewheel trees (Stenocarpus Sinuatus), and we prepared ground for a Poinceana (Delonix Regia). There’s something very satisfying about planting trees!

Now all I need to do is to build an anti-wallaby cage to protect my precious Damsons…

2 thoughts on “A day in the garden

  1. I've been thinking about you with envy recently. As we are sinking into the dark, cold season, you are heading out of it. Yea for you!!! I will happily settle for knowing that you and your's will be sunning yourselves in summer's heat at your lovely new home. I just hope we don't have blizzards again this winter. jan

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