Thank you for your lovely, helpful and supportive comments! Sorry for being a whinging Pom… mind you, I didn’t feel very cheerful this morning either when I arrived in the pantry to find that one of our long-suffering fish (remnants and survivors from a former aquatic paradise) had decided to leap out of its tank and commit suicide on the pantry floor. What are the animals trying to tell me? First the ungrateful chicken; now the despairing fish!

A good stint in the studio this afternoon, plus reading the funny and helpful things you sent me, cheered me up a lot, fish not withstanding. And as it was really sunny I was able to take some photos of the sketchbooks I’ve been binding and (trumpet fanfare, stage left) PUT THEM UP IN MY ETSY SHOP! Yes, it has finally opened with more than one item in it, and I think I have a reasonable understanding now of how the whole Etsy system works. I’m not suggesting for a minute that you should buy them (you can all make your own, after all!), but hopefully hoards of other people will flock to my shop and clear out my stock just as fast as I can make it. Well, I can hope… and in fact I was thrilled to see that there had been 8 views for the one lone book I’d put up there a few days ago – even if 3 of those views were me!

There is of course a blog associated with the shop, called Rhubarb and Ella to go with the shop. Ella is my darling daughter, reincarnated as a little bird with a bright beady eye and I am Rhubarb. I’ll leave you to judge whether the ‘Rhubarb’ in question is a native British fruit with a tart flavour, or something (someone?) kept in the dark and fed on *&^%!

3 thoughts on “Today

  1. animals! phoey! they do this is sort of stuff just to annoy you!

    pleased to see that animal shenanigans aside – things are brighter up your way xx

  2. I think you should be the native British fruit with a tart flavour – which is a bit better than being a native British tart etc. and way better than your other option. The books look great on Etsy, I really like the way you've described them with your usual lovely use of language. May they go like hot cakes!

  3. I love rhubarb, and it always makes me think of people working as extras in films, standing behind the main action murmuring 'rhubarb' to each other… at least, that's what they used to do, apparently!

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