Happy anniversary baby, got you on my mi-i-i-nd

Such was the state of play this morning! Three very tired people (one of them behind the camera), having spent the weekend feeling under-the-weather because of a virus and the joys of being ill while living in two cramped rooms. In fact the dog even joined in the fun, vomiting copiously after taking it upon himself to eat a quarter of a large bag of Blood and Bone that I’d bought for the garden…

Anyway, canine whimsy not withstanding, today is our tenth wedding anniversary. Hoorah! Ten happy years, not without their ups and downs of course, and no-where near as many years as other people we know but… second time around it feels like a big achievement for both of us, especially having cocked it up so marvellously the first time!

And of course without each other we wouldn’t have darling (sleepy, ill) daughter who, despite feeling sleepy and ill managed to hide away yesterday evening long enough to model a beautiful beeswax table, champagne bottle, wine glass and hearts for us and make a lovely card.

Dearest husband has spent all day at school, battling with the IT system (hah! I’m not the only one who puts their hand up at the wrong moment!) but I managed to kidnap him for a celebratory coffee mid-morning and we went off to the local equivalent of a deli and bought naughty treats to eat this evening: dolmades, pate, cheese, fresh pasta and yummy little tarts… to go with the bottle(s) of champagne chilling in the fridge. In addition to the clocking up of three thousand six hundred and something days together (I just can’t be bothered to work it all out… yawn) we’re also enjoying the prospect of another IT contract for dearest husband, the start of violin lessons for darling daughter, and the suggestion that our house really truly might be ready to move into in about 2.5 weeks’ time. Do we need any more excuses to celebrate?

2 thoughts on “Happy anniversary baby, got you on my mi-i-i-nd

  1. Happy Anniversary Sara, ten years is a significant achievement, well done! Hope you are all feeling much better now or soon, and fingers crossed for the moving-in date.
    Amanda xox

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