It lives!

Phew – the unfortunate guinea pig baby, dropped not long after birth by darling daughter, has survived! I admit I held my breath because I couldn’t quite believe it would live but it is infact suckling, eating, drinking and running around albeit in a slightly crooked fashion. It’s not earth-shaking news, but I am relieved. The poor thing may yet regret its survival having been named “Charlotte” regardless of its gender. Meanwhile Squeak, its daddy, is being de-sexed on Thursday! It’s all go round here, I can tell you.

4 thoughts on “It lives!

  1. I'm sure there are worse names than Charlotte .. and it can always be shortened to Charlie (esp. if she turns out to be a he!).

    De-sexing … is that the p.c. term for it these days? Sounds almost painless!! But ask Squeak afterwards what he thinks…..!

  2. Very relieved to hear that Charlotte is okay after the fall. Happy result for everyone.
    De-sexing a guinea pig? Do you pay more because it's micro-surgery?

  3. i am pleased. i couldn't comment after your 'ups and downs' blog….we too have been having some bad times at school… ex student passed away last week….so it is nice to here the little guinea piglet is ok.

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