What do you reckon this is? I could get very silly and set up a competition but it’s late and I’m tired (as usual) and I can’t face it so I’ll tell you: it’s a photo of the wall in our new en-suite bathroom before the tilers covered it up, and so I think the blue tones are from the contractor rolling off the excess waterproofing stuff from his paint roller before washing it out. I think. Anyway, it’s rather lovely in the picture, but has now been obliterated on the bathroom wall.

Dearest husband has been away for three weeks now and the strain is showing a bit in all of us, although we’re on the home straight now and, Icelandic volcanoes permitting, he should be home in 10 days. In his absence I have been insanely busy: in addition to finishing the work for my solo show and putting it up in the gallery there have also been the usual parental responsibilities, household chores and school stuff. And when I say “school stuff” I mean LOTS of school stuff because last year I was mad enough to become a director on the school’s Board of Governors, and on Monday I inherited the post of Chair of the Board.

This tendency to put my hand up while not exactly paying attention to what I’m volunteering for goes way back, back to me aged 5 at Bellfield Primary School in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire in 1971. Miss Layleigh asked a question and I stuck my hand up and – as the only volunteer – found myself playing Jesus Christ in the Easter play in a loin cloth and, what’s more, Eddy Edwards (who played Judas Iscariot) wouldn’t kiss me so I had to kiss him. It’s had a lasting effect. I am that person who volunteers… I don’t mind being that person but at some point I should wake up to the fact that it is physically possible for my larynx and vocal chords to formulate the word ‘no’.

I bring some good stuff to the role of Chair: apart from expertise in sitting down (ha, ha, ha) I’ve spent many years running small businesses, I am pretty organised, I am good at breaking complicated tasks down into simple elements, I am good at getting disparate people to work together, and I have a fair amount of experience in working in environments with lots of change so I’m sensitive to the human needs within a business. I’m not so good at delegating and I am completely crap at politics so then again, this may not be the job for me…

I am probably writing all this because having got my show out of the way (which has been looming at me for a while and filled up the whole horizon) I am now a bit scared: of being Chair of the Board of Governors of a school, of being insanely busy all the time, and scared at the prospect of now coming up with a new body of work in time for a solo show in October that I thought wasn’t happening but apparently is happening again. So what am I going to do? I’m going to eat a bit of chocolate, do a bit of the Sydney Morning Herald’s killer 5-in-1 Sudoku (rated ‘Hard’ this time) and then go to bed and sleep. It will all look more manageable in the morning. Meanwhile thank you, dear blog readers, for being very nice about the pictures of my show: your enthusiasm was heartening.

3 thoughts on “Re-

  1. Ahh .. the fog of time! You went to Bellfield Primary School!

    I think the tendency to volunteer is genetic – seem to remember Mum did this more often than not. I, too, have this tendency however it is tempered after years of working as a project manager by a strong urge to delegate and the ability to sit firmly on my hands at those times when I already have too much on my plate! Went into a committee meeting recently and set the ball off by announcing my intention of not volunteering for any extra jobs this time round … worked like a charm!

  2. you know the saying…'if you need something done ask a busy person'. best of luck with it all. i don't envy you though, parents and schools can be an emotive mix. keep making things. your exhibition looked fab!!

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