9 thoughts on “OK, you asked for them…

  1. Wonderful Sara – and so good to see that red dot under one of your pieces. I hope that receipt book I spy was also put to good use with lots of customers! Lesley

  2. Hi Sara,
    Thanks for posting these photos – they look terrific! It's a beautiful show – wish I could see it for real. The print with the red dot looks interesting – I'd love to see a larger view if you have any. How long will the work be in the gallery?

  3. Thanks everyone for being so kind! I am pleased to say that I did sell about 8 pieces at the Opening which means that for once I've actually covered my costs… and the sketchbooks seem to be selling well. This gallery gives the artist 75% of the proceeds (well it's a community gallery) so I will come away with a small profit. It is great to have the chance to put my 3D work against my 2D work and work out the conversation between them: putting on this show has made me realise some things about my work and about my interests, which sounds a bit mad but I'm very bad at joining the dots up until a long time afterwards!

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