The show is on

My goodness, it’s up on the walls of the gallery! It’s the first solo show I’ve had in a couple of years, in a lovely gallery in The Old Butter Factory in Bellingen, a historical town in the hills about 45km from Coffs Harbour. It’s a quirky space: not huge, and with uneven ceilings and floors and LOTS of spiders, but actually it makes for a great exhibition space. There are good long lengths of wall and smaller, more intimate corners. It’s not flash but it’s fun, it’s in a good place and it has a good feel about it.

Andy and Louise are the mainstays of the gallery and they dedicate Saturdays to hanging new shows. As my show is rather light on numbers of pieces it actually didn’t take long to put up, but they were kind enough to buy me lunch at the adjoining cafe and as it was a sunny Autumn day it felt very nice: warm, clear and calm after a frenetic week trying to pull everything together.

The small squares on the back wall are half of my Daily Drawings, mounted on paper pinned to the walls. January to June 2008 have arrived at the Abecedarian Gallery in Denver, Colorado, for Alicia Bailey ‘One Unit per Increment‘ exhibition, leaving July to December to star in Bellingen.

The Arabic Boats went down very well and look great on this shelf – and one sold, even before we’d finished putting up the show! A very nice local couple came in and decided they liked the middle one best, which reminds me that I must email them with a translation of the text… I hope it’s a good omen for the opening tomorrow because I REALLY need to sell some work.

8 thoughts on “The show is on

  1. Sara,
    Those boats are much bigger than I imagined them to be. I suspect it's because I have no idea about the scale of those antipodean seedpods! I'm so glad one has sold already. Every best wish for your solo show. I hope it is a sell out! Lesley x

  2. Sorry I missed this post when it went up Sara. Congratulations! I am impressed by the way you were able to pull this body of work together in the space of a few months – your nerves must be made of steel! Well done on the red spot so early, and hopefully it is just one of many now. I agree with the Duck – more photos would be great!

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