Back pain

Yes, I’ve been bitten by something again – despite the usual precautions! This is just small 6″ sample but there’s lots more… and yes, it itches like hell.

8 thoughts on “Back pain

  1. In summer, at the Tamborine property, I used to come up in a similar hideous, hurty rash. I blamed the bladey grass, but it turned out to be some sort of mite? that lived in the grass. Calomine helped.

  2. Thank you Lesley and Dinah for your good wishes! And thanks Dinah for the information about the source… I've been blaming grass ticks without any hard evidence but mites could be a better explanation as I haven't seen the b*&^*#ds! Definately not mozzies, anyway. I'm getting better slowly after Michael found a wonderful Lavender spray that is really soothing. Sara x

  3. Sympathies – the mozzies got me well and truly on Friday in Cuba. And then to add insult to injury we were trapped in the hotel lift. Not a great day. Mozzie bites still itching and swollen after hospital strength anti-histamines, so I know exactly what you feel like. And did anyone else get bitten? You guessed it – the Bowen mozzie magnetism was working to the benefit of everyone else.

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