All the fun of the Fair

The Fair comes to Coffs Harbour every January and in the short time we’ve been here it’s become a ritual to go right at the end of their visit so that we can enjoy family arguments about how much money we’re spending, who wants to go on the scary rides and no, we’re not buying show bags…

As a first class wimp, my interest in the whole shebang is purely photographic!

2 thoughts on “All the fun of the Fair

  1. I'm a definite double wimp – I get freaked out by the TRUCKS that TRANSPORT carnivals and circuses and sideshows…..


    the Circus Royale passed by my place this past week – I feel the need for counselling….

    (I was after all 'abducted' by a clown when I was 2yrs old…. oh ok so folk reckon it was a fun ride in a cart with a clown – but I KNOW that clown was evil… and definitely ate little girls all up… lucky I could scream very very loudly or I might not have escaped)

    pretty piccies btw…..

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