Much excitement..

We’re sitting here on our first night staying up on our block of land, having spent the day moving furniture essentials (you know, beds etc!) into what will be our office/studio. It’s a lovely temperature and no rain today after a week of heavy showers that played havoc with our removals plans. We can hear frogs and crickets, saw an echidna on the way back to our old rental house this afternoon, and found a rhinoceros beetle blundering into our outside lights… so it isn’t peaceful in the countryside, but lots of fun! I’m typing away, illuminated by our new LED recessed downlights which look just like halogen spotlights but are brighter and consume a fraction of the electricity. It’s going to be a big adventure getting used to the tank water and solar power, and learning to drive up and down the dirt road safely. Yesterday I was still feeling incredibly nervous about it all, but today has been great: exciting and energising and fun. Just got a lot of clearing up to do at the old place…

I may be out of contact for a few days as we try and get our computers and phones sorted out but hopefully we’ll be back soon, with photos! Happy New Year.

5 thoughts on “Much excitement..

  1. Congratulations! How wonderful to have got to this point at last and to have your life before you in your beautiful new house and studio. I love how much you are appreciating your natural surroundings and I hope the weather is kind to you as you settle in. Carol

  2. oh how exciting!

    I'm transported back in time 22 years – when I first landed here at my house complete as it was with no electricity,(just a car battery powered light & open fire) no running water,(out door pan loo….. yeck!) and a week of torrential rain to welcome us (muddy slippery track in from the highway…. we gave up trying to drive it and left the car at the highway gate).

    I hope the solar prove a wonder (It's taken me 21 of those years here to get me some solar panels….all good things come to those who wait) – and your tank never runs dry (ours never has – and we haven't seen flooding weather since the early 1990s)

    I think you'll find life with the echidna and rino beetles full of joy!

  3. Congratulations Sara! That's a terrific step for you. I hope you enjoy being out there on your land – you'll be able to follow the progress of the house so closely now. Happy New Year!

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