Ah yes, ticks! They are one of the hazards of life on the North coast of New South Wales… and on Saturday night it seems I was visited by one in bed. I have over 70 bites on my left arm, plus the ones up my back, chest and the side of my neck… I haven’t found the culprit but everyone tells me these look just like “grass” tick bites.

Of course grass ticks aren’t actually a species of grass-dwelling tick – they’re the larval stage of some types of tick. There’s no specialist treatment, just endurance of the agonising itching, albeit with the help of anti-histamine tablets (day and night), hydracortisone creams and – I’ve been recommended – 1 cup of Bicarbonate of Soda in a hot bath, which is next on my agenda!

4 thoughts on “ITTTTTTTCHY!

  1. I know what you're going through Sara – we have them on the South coast too. Take care, I got quite sick after a similar attack. You are having a run of bad luck, aren't you hopefully things will turn around soon.

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