A first on Double Elephant

I just want to say here that I rarely watch any clips people send to me and I’ve always been a snob about YouTube, but my friend Jan over at Snippety Gibbet put this up on her blog, courtesy of a friend, and I love it…

I love papercutting, despite being a complete novice at it myself, and I find this video clip amazing. And how great that New Zealand has a national ‘Book Council’…

ps. adding a video was MUCH easier than I thought it was going to be!

4 thoughts on “A first on Double Elephant

  1. My intention was to send you that link directly, but you saw it on my blog first. I thought you'd like it, especially with the NZ bit.

    I'm thrilled that I provided your first positive YouTube experience. There really is a lot of wonderful video out there.


  2. That video is amazing! I don't normally watch these thigs either but as you said that I thought it would be worth a go, and it was! Thanks for sharing.

    ps if you need any box making tips I'd be happy to help 🙂

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