Yes folks, this is (reverential whisper….) the bag. I felt you needed to see pictures. Now as I’m blogging on the move and my tiny little laptop isn’t the fastest machine on the planet, it’s possible that the photos aren’t the best representations of the gorgeousness that is my new not-a-rucksack-bag, but they’ll have to do.

I’ve been having a little competition (with whom?) to see how much stuff that I used to carry around in my rucksack I can fit into the bag, and the answer is… quite a lot, actually! So far I’ve managed my wallet, my camera, my laptop (in its bag, with its mouse and charger), my sketchbook, pens, lippie, keys, tickets, friend’s housekeys (oops!), water bottle and cardigan. Wow! Really the hardest part is getting used to the lack of dangling adjustable strappy bits (and lets face it, these are what rucksacks mainly contribute to the impression that you scale mountain peaks in your spare time), and the fact that I can only carry it on one shoulder. I’m trying not to stress out about how quickly the beautifully striped interior will get dirty and the fact that I can’t throw it in the washing machine!

4 thoughts on “THE BAG…

  1. OMG … OK – I'm prepared to believe it looks better in the flesh so to speak. However you desperately need a little colour in your life, m'dear. I can see I'm just going to have to make you a bag ….!!

  2. Wait a minute! Into this delicate-looking reticule you can stuff a water bottle, 'phone, make-up, purse, probably the Times crossword and… LAPTOP? And it's smaller than a rucksack?

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