Time is ticking away! I’m off to Europe on Tuesday morning…

Nelson Ball Clock available from Haus Modern Living

First Bristol, UK, for the IMPACT printmaking conference, then a rail trip from London to Brussels via the Channel Tunnel rail link; Brussels to Paris for a weekend of high culture (and hopefully a rendezvous with my former tutor John Ashton), and finally on to the Veneto region of Italy on the sleeper train (I want to wake up on a moonlit night and see the Alps sliding past the window!), where we’re picking up a hire car to spend a glorious 10 days in a farm house we visited two years ago, plus a few days in Venice proper to take in the Biennale.

Gosh, how awful. I apologise in advance for any delays in Tweeting or blogging. I aim to get my tiny brain around the intricacies of mobile blogging and tweeting but who knows how well I will fare, or how frequently I will have internet access? I promise to try my best, but please forgive me if I’m not as good as I could be…

When I get back it will be full steam ahead! with my Etsy shop (I hope), in time for the Christmas shopping run-up plus lots of blogging on our house building site, since Warren reckons he’ll have the house to ‘lock up’ stage by the time I get back.

Baci baci, ci vediamo quando torni !

4 thoughts on “Countdown!

  1. Talk about jealous! Green doesn't describe the half of it! Hope you have the best time and don't worry about the technology, I'm sure you'll be fine. Looking forward to following your travels.

  2. if you have a spare corner in your bag I'd be happy to stow away! have fun – the trip sounds fan-tas-tic! I'll keep an eye out for the mobile reports

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