Wrapping paper from the Royal Sydney Botanic Garden’s shop – very sophisticated photographic images on a black background. Yummy.

Is there a 12-steps program for paper addicts? My name is Sara and I am completely addicted to paper: old, new, clean, raggedy-edged, ruled, plain, graph, etching paper, wrapping paper…

I LOVE the crimson passion fruit flowers against that greeny background! And on the facing page in my portfolio a selection of blue & white papers

I thought you might like to see my portfolio case with sheets of the stuff waiting to be turned into something beautiful. It will soon be closed up while I go on my grand European tour…

The left-hand section is a group of hand-blocked papers from Venice, and on the right a lovely black/gold/red reindeer paper that I’m going to use for some Christmas notebooks…

Elizabeth Blackadder’s flower watercolours – I love tulips and can’t grow them here because it’s too warm and humid

But oh dear, I’ve found myself plenty of paper shops on the way, including Shepherds on Southampton Row in London. This is a picture of their famous “paper wall” (I’m salivating as I type and wondering how I’m going to pack ALL OF THAT into my suitcase!). They have a ‘new products blog’ and an on-line shop… now that’s dangerous.

I haven’t located any paper merchants in Paris or Brussels on the basis that my lust for paper won’t overwhelm me while I’m seeing friends and indulging in chocolate, but I’m remembering all the places I’ve been to before in Venice and thinking that I’ll have to drop in again just to check if they have anything I need!

Hand-made Nepalese kadi paper. The white-on-white flower block print on the bottom with gold-leaf centres I’ve had for ages but I’m saving it for something special!

5 thoughts on “Temptation…

  1. I think I might still have an old English fiver.Could I give a you a shopping list? Nah! My fiver is probably now worth at least as much as a sheet of paper. Sigh…
    Have a lovely trip and if you don't have something to blog about we'll stop speaking to you!

  2. Hi Sara

    Shepherds is definitely worth a visit and downstairs they have loads of bookbinding supplies – a different kind of heaven (sort of underground). Also Paris…there is paper to die for in Paris. A friend told me about these shops on Rue de Pont Louis Phillips – in the Marais.
    Rue du Pont Louis Philippe is easily reached from the Ile St. Louis which is just behind Notre Dame. If you cross the bridge between the islands , keep to the left side of Ile de Louis and then cross at the first bridge on your left – it is actually Pont Louis Philippe …….. you cross over a busy main road Quai de L'Hotel De Ville and keep walking straight ahead into Rue de Pont Louis Philippe. The paper shops are on the right hand side …… from memory the two stationery shops first and then the handmade paper shop with scrumptious pieces of paper. They have strange opening times …. I think are closed on both Monday and Tuesday.

    We visited October last year and they were worth it



  3. You have some beautiful papers there. I'll be looking forward to seeing what you make. I have a plan cabinet of paper, including the wonderful Magnani (now under new management but they sound friendly) and I have no excuse not to be making books. Your trip sounds wonderful, have a great time and buy more paper. I take one of those black extending roll things that takes a lot of paper inside and can also take more rolled and wrapped on the outside.

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