I’ve been having fun making coptic-bound sketchbooks as stock for when I open my Etsy shop at the end of October. There’s something profoundly satisfying about clearing my work space, spreading out beautiful paper, making choices about sizes and threads and fastenings and then cutting everything to size. Shortly followed by sitting with the sun on my back, binding the sections and covers together while sipping coffee and listening to Beethoven string quartets on my little CD player! I feel very calm, very mellow, because the only thing I should be doing is what I am doing: making something.

I made seven sketchbooks, all filled with lovely BFK Rives 250gsm etching paper and bound with acid-free book board covered in different papers with a contrasting lining and sewn with those Danish threads I was lusting after recently. The fastenings range from buttons to beads, and I twisted matching cords from the linen threads so that the books can be tied shut.

All in all it was fun! I’m looking forward to my European trip so that I can collect some more beautiful paper, and also fill the hard-bound sketchbook I made for myself.

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  1. Don't they look just so tempting sitting there waiting for someone to start writing and sketching? I look forward to the opening of your shop – I'm still mulling over the idea to do the same. Trouble is, I can't tear myself away from the garden and at night I'm so exhausted I can barely stay awake for the news so making books is not getting enough attention.

  2. Ooh! these are beautiful! We must be in synch, you and Carol and I, as I am also slowly working on stock with high hopes to open up on Etsy sometime in October! At first I felt a bit worried about going into “competition” with you two talented ladies, but then I realized that my work will be a different “style” and in fact different things will appeal to different people. Hope you see it the same way!

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