Be still my beating heart

This is perhaps only of interest to bookbinders among you, but look at all those lovely threads! They’re Danish dyed linen threads from Amazing Paper in Sydney and they are GORGEOUS. Lurking in my studio I have a pile of newly torn paper and some book board waiting to be covered in beautiful paper. Having SOLD my little STOCK OF BOOKS I need to make some more, so for the rest of the day I’m planning to cover the boards, punch the sewing stations and do Coptic bindings with my new threads. Photos in due course…

5 thoughts on “Be still my beating heart

  1. Thanks for your comments! Amanda, in answer to your question the threads aren't waxed, but I have a handy little implement from Spotlight to wax them with… And to Snippety, I sold the books locally, which was great. My on-line shop is a work-in-progress and will hopefully open once I get back from my trip to the UK i.e. mid- to end-October. Fingers crossed!

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