Oh no, I’ve been memed!

Eight things I’m looking forward to:

The weekend
Winning the lottery
Going back to the UK and seeing friends for the first time in two years
Caren’s book making course at Sturt in July
Craft group at the school tomorrow morning (nothing like coffee and a chat to brighten my day!)
Finishing my next artists’ book
Opening the front door to our new house for the first time, once it’s built…
Attaining a permanent state of Buddha-like calm and wisdom (well I can dream, can’t I?)

Eight things I did yesterday (in chronological order):

Had a lie-in!
Pulled a muscle in my left shoulder – again – getting out of bed (I knew it was a mistake getting up)
Did some Pilates exercises to try and help myself
Enjoyed my darling daughter’s several Mother’s Day cards, which were just lovely
Mowed the front lawn (which strangely helped my shoulder a lot)
Washed the car windscreen
Saw some friends for yummy drinks and nibbles and sat talking for ages – lovely
Watched several episodes of ‘Gardening Australia‘ which we’d recorded from the TV

Eight things I wish I could do:

Achieve twice as much in half the time
Do a handstand and a cartwheel
Still ride a motorbike without feeling guilty about the potential impact of having an accident on my family, but I think I made the right decision
Appreciate things better as they happen instead of noticing the fun after the event
Sleep more
Move into our new house right now and leave the stress of renting behind!
Spend all my time making things and having fun with my family and friends without worrying about money
Make time to teach myself to play my guitar

Eight TV shows I watch*:

Gardening Australia
Sunday Arts
Grand Designs
Lie to Me

* all recorded on our TiVO, so I’m rarely up to date with any of them – currently we’re running about 3 months behind!

Eight people I’m tagging:

I don’t think I know eight other bloggers well enough to say, which means I’m a sad wimp with no on-line friends or far too tactful! If you read this and are interested in participating I know I’ll be interested to see what you write.

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