More models

I said I was having fun, didn’t I? This model of the main house we’re hoping to build is only held together by masking tape at the moment… our architect’s comments about my failure to use the appropriate balsa wood framing for the verandah/carport posts slightly took the wind out of my sails and I haven’t leapt for the glue bottle, but I daresay I’ll get there eventually. Meanwhile it’s been a REALLY useful exercise plotting it all out and seeing how it might work in 3D.

This view is from the ‘east’ end of the building. The ‘TV’ lounge is to the right, with steps leading up past a double-sided fireplace apperture into the main living area, which opens out onto the verandah at the front, as you can see. Beyond the verandah is the sleeping end of the building, with 3 modest bedrooms, one with an en-suite bathroom and a family bathroom. The raised roof over the main living area allows light and air into the building.

This photo was taken more from the western end of the building, showing the car port next to the bedrooms. I don’t think that’s going to be an issue: living in the country it’s not as if we’ll have babysitters and I doubt if we’ll be going out much in the evenings so cars coming and going won’t be a problem at night! The main entrance is up some steps, in between the near edge of the verandah with its big planting box, and the cantilevered front of the main bedroom.

Fingers crossed!

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