Hold the front page

As I suspected, I didn’t get a prize or even a certificate, just the sheer pleasure of having been highly commended at the Bellingen Art Show. I went and picked up my work this morning and ran into Deb Wall (not literally!) and Lina Bluhm. Lina and I had a very nice coffee and a chat in Bellingen before I headed back to Coffs Harbour and took the family out to ‘Botanica’, a sort of environmental/gardening expo at the Botanic Gardens. Lina and I were talking about how little there is for printmakers around here, and I have to agree. We both have a dream of a community print workshop… but it will be a long way off in the future!

Anyway, since getting home I’ve continued to enjoy myself with making a model of our new house, from the architect’s plans. It’s been tricky in places! Mainly, I think, because the plans have been printed and reprinted on different printers, with the result that not all the sheets are to exactly the same scale. Although technically the plans are 1:100 at A3 size, variations in printing mean that they’re not all the same, which has made resolving the design of the roof particularly difficult. Luckily I’m enjoying the challenge and here are some working photos from this morning.

This is the main house, without internal walls

The blockiness of the unfinished model is great!

I’ve finished the office – studio building; this is from the front

An aerial view; I made models of all the BIG bits of furniture to scale, too

2 thoughts on “Hold the front page

  1. What an exciting thing to be involved in Sara although of course it will be (most probably IS) a lot of hard work. You will both have to take care and not OVERDO it and compromise your good health. But then being a printmaker you probably know about this with being a printmaker and forever having to tackle all kinds of technical quandries. Which I get the impression – you are quite good at. Unlike myself, thats probably why I find the technical side of printmaking such a struggle because I’m not very good at technical things. But anyway that model looks good and I like that you even made the little large furniture items to scale too !! How dinky…..

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