Blogger lessons

I’m not good with technical things (or perhaps I should say that I don’t want to get too good at technical things in case I have to start dealing with them myself), and so I had a sinking feeling when I opened this blog yesterday to discover that the right-hand side-bar had disappeared. It’s not what you want to see…

I did all the right things: I cleared my cache, republished, discovered a cached version of the page via Google and replaced parts of my template with parts of the template from the cached version and republished. Again. Still no side-bar. So I joined the Blogger Help community, studiously read all related postings from other bloggers whose side-bars mysteriously disappeared, and only then did I post my own question.

I’m still very silly, because it transpires that I made a very simple and obvious mistake, only I didn’t spot it! When I posted the picture of the little fish I hadn’t edited it in Photoshop beforehand, as I usually do, and so it was too wide and pushed all the content from my side-bar way down the page because it couldnt’ fit into its column. Doh! Problem now resolved and I’ve learned my lesson.

By the way, 13 good ones down, only 27 to go…

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