Beautiful day

This isn’t a blog about my life outside of art, but it is such a beautiful day that I have to say something about it or I’ll burst! The beach was lovely this morning: 18 degrees C, just perfect, sunny, and with the foamy edge to the water that creeps up the sand with each wave and bubbles out again. Toby, our dog, loves it and spends a while running through the surf with the ball clamped in his mouth as if to tell us that he’s too busy having fun to muck around chasing the damned ball, OK?

Now I’m back home and the sun is shining on the grey horse Jacko as he wades through the dam (small lake) at the bottom of the paddock, the currawongs are warbling, a large female swallowtail butterfly is looking in vain for somewhere to lay her eggs on the pot plants outside the studio window, and I’m listening to ‘Viens, Mallika’ from Delibes’ Lakme – a stupid plot but a sublime song. It’s very, very nice.

One thought on “Beautiful day

  1. Sara, your days sound like our wonderful days here in Sydney. This week is hot again, the skies are just the most stunning blue and the sea looks marvellous. I just love Coogee beach. It sounds as though you have the best of both worlds, country and sea – and just now I guess it’s all as green as when I was at Gloucester a few weeks ago.

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