The Daily Trance!

I have been putting up a lot of posts, but not so many to this blog because I’ve been absorbed in both my Daily Drawing and Complicities blogs, both of which have required me to step up my efforts. The real joy of both has been in the making. I have been able to become absorbed in the act of creation and in the process I’ve taken myself back to that semi-trance state that I found easier to enter into when I was younger, before I let everything else come between me and making things! ‘Trance’ sounds like a dangerous word, evoking Sixties hippies getting high on dope and Nineties ravers chilling out on Ecstacy, but it isn’t that sort of trance… or at least, I don’t think so! It’s more akin to serene meditation: the business of my conscious mind is occupied by something else, often an audio book, while my unconscious mind gets on with resolving problems and really looking at what I’m doing. I love it. The hours pass and I am really happy, and I’ve been able to engross myself like this for at least a very brief time every day, and more recently, all day while I make an artists’ book. Lucky me, I have another 11 artists’ books to make this year, plus a series of 12 dry point etchings plates, so I won’t go cold-turkey until next year!

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